This Pomeranian puppy came from 2 of our poms know asFritter and Bambi

Colors and Markings are as follows

cream and white Pomeranian picture
Fritter (dad) above is a  Cream / white parti Pomeranian and thepuppy pictures below are aOrange Sable parti.
Bambi (mom) is a black & Tan Parti ( No Photo of her yet)
 parti puppy
Orange Sable parti Pomeranian

These picturs where taken at 8 weeks of age
Pomeranian puppy

This Pomeranian puppy is so cute and playful.


If you are intrested in a pet Pomeranian puppy Please email us
Let us know what you are looking for, and tell us a little bit aboutyou. Remember a  Pomeranian puppy is a lifetime commitment!