Black and white Parti Pomeranian puppy photo's

This puppy picture was taken at the age of  1 week.

Black and white parti Pomeranian puppy photo
Below is our dog Mr. Montana
the photo above is one of his puppies

PomeranianMale adult parti Pomeranian pictureBlack and white Pomeranian puppy picture

Below is another of his Parti Pomeranian pup's

This is another puppy from Montana
Mr Montana as a stud has offspring that normally wieght between 4 to 7 lbs. as adult dogs.
Montana's blood line include  White, Black, Beaver, Blue, Sable and Chocolate. We have had each of those colors  from him.
The parti Pomeranian gene is dominate in him. As of the time of this posting we have yet to get a solid colored Pomeranian puppy from him.


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